职场送礼有讲究 如何恰当表达你的小心意

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想要节日活动充满喜悦的气氛,不妨参照以下9个职场送礼的规则吧。 Keep the occasion jolly by following these nine rules of office gift-giving etiquette. 想要节日活动充满喜悦的气氛,不妨参照以下9个职场送礼的规则吧。 1.If you give your boss a gi



Keep the occasion jolly by following these nine rules of office gift-giving etiquette.


1.If you give your boss a gift, make it a group effort.

1. 如果你想给老板送礼,请记得以团队的名义送出。

Doing so allows everyone to participate at a lower cost per person while providing a more substantial offering than any one individual could (or should) give on their own. If you must do it alone, opt for something heartfelt (a holiday plant or baked goods) rather than expensive and overly personal.


2. Participation is key.

2. 要有参与感。

If your office has an exchange, plan on being a part of it. If you sit on the sidelines for any reason, you could be viewed as a Grinch. The cost is usually minimal, and it opens the door to build holiday goodwill.


3. Give discreetly to work friends.

3. 给工作伙伴送礼要谨慎。

If you have a small present for a few select colleagues, swap gifts outside of the office. Otherwise, you risk other people finding out and wondering why they were excluded.


4. Remember your team.

4. 给团队留一份心意。

The holidays provide an opportunity to say thank you to the people who support you year-round. If you supervise a small team, (say, less than five) consider a token of appreciation for each. A gift card to a favorite restaurant or retailer you know they like is a welcome treat.


5. Aim for the sweet spot on price limits.

5. 力求击中预算的最有效点。

No matter the spending guidelines in an organized office event, there will always be someone who exceeds them. This holiday blunder can inadvertently cause problems, making the appropriately priced offerings look meager by comparison. Conversely, don’t underspend, either. Purchase something near the top of the recommended range.


6. Wrap it up.

6. 好好包装一下。

Embellish your package with pretty paper, gift bags and bows. The extra effort makes the person receiving the present feel special – and that’s what the season is all about.


7. Don’t overdo it.

7. 注意适度。

Resist the temptation to go overboard. Avoid using the holidays as a time to show off, or ingratiate yourself with an over the top gift to impress. Clients can read through shallow attempts of grandeur. A modest gift showing gratitude is a far better holiday choice.


8. Smile and say thank you.

8. 保持微笑并表示感谢。

This is the correct response when a co-worker (or anyone else, for that matter) presents you with something but you don’t have anything for them. You are not obligated to buy a present in return if you had no intention of doing so. The only requirement is to offer your sincere thanks for their thoughtfulness.


9. Remember extraordinary acts of kindness.

9. 别忘了多留一点善意。

If your mentor gives you guidance or a colleague goes out of their way to help you succeed this year, now is a great time to recognize them. An act of appreciation doesn’t have to be fancy – a pretty mug with a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans and a gift card to a nearby coffee shop is perfect. The holidays provide extra room to acknowledge their acts of thoughtfulness.

如果你的导师为你给予指导,或同事百忙之中抽出时间助你一臂之力,那么现在就该好好感谢他们了。表达感谢之情不必追求花哨,找一个好看的马克杯装上一小袋子覆盖着巧克力的咖啡豆, 再附上一张从咖啡店购买的礼品卡,这就是绝配了。节日就是让你感谢同事们的体贴的好机会。





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